Photo Clipping Services

One-Stop Photo Clipping Services for your Post-Processing Projects

Photo Clipping Services

Getting an Image without the Background coupled with Hi-Resolution Photo Editing for Color Corrections is the ultimate Marketer's and Visualizer's Dream.

Photo Clipping Services Photo Clipping Services

Photo Clipping Services

The process of highlighting Wanted Portions of an Image and hiding the Unwanted Elements from an Image is popularly called Photo Clipping or Image Clipping. This process is often used for concealing the background of the photo or for transforming the photo into the aspired Shape, which can convert the masked portion to a Transparent or Colored Background. This technique is applied for removing the undesirable objects and giving it an aesthetic professional look.
Photo Clipping Services help in refining images and flawless from imperfections to generate high-quality images that attract Consumers and Build Brand Reputation. However, Photo Clipping Services involve extensive computer processing and require heavy investments in terms of Resources, Infrastructure, and Software. Outsourcing Photo Clipping Services will help businesses to make better use of their in-house staff and save a lot on expensive software.
Businesses that deal in E-Commerce, Real Estate, Fashion, Travel, Photography, etc. have a huge requirement of marketing material for Online and Offline. This generates a tremendous demand for photos that are Flawless, Attractive, Clean, and Free from the clutter that the photographer encountered. We provide an advanced level of photo clipping service for any image to give the processed image an original look.

Escalate Trustworthiness of Your Products

Ecommerce Photo Clipping Services For Online Business

Enter or Catch the Valuable Buyers with Eye-Catching Images. Top-Notch Photo Clipping Services for eCommerce Platforms and eCommerce Marketplace like Woocommerce, Amazon, BigCommerce, Shopify, eBay, etc.

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eCommerce Photo Clipping Services eCommerce Photo Clipping Services

eCommerce Photo Clipping Services

Online Ventures who are in pursuit of Photo Editing Techniques that transform their Product images into elegant ones will certainly fall in Love with eCommerce Photo Clipping Service. The sophisticated process of eCommerce Photo Clipping Services easily brings out the desired effects to your product images without compromising on the quality of the images.
Performing Photo Clipping on your images will result in drawing the attention of viewers to the information or details mentioned in the images. It also fascinates their minds thereby urging them to buy the product without any hesitation.

  • Clipping Path for Cut Out the Image from its Background
  • Making the Background White using the Clipping Path
  • Make changes on its original Background Image
  • Multi Clipping Path for making a variety of Product Color
  • From Image Clipping to a Transparent Background
  • Low Resolution to possible High Resolution
  • Nack Joint for Clothing Items by Cut Out the Dress Part
  • Create the Natural Drop Shadow for the Models
  • Creating the Mirror Effect under the Images
  • All kind of Custom eCommerce Photo Clipping Service

Transform your Images with Expressive Pictures

Since the Online Marketing Space is full of Contenders, using Quality Images are the only way to capture the attention of the Target Audience. Online Businesses are all very well aware that quality photos bring more attention which causes the consumers to pull out their cards and make the all-important purchase. Therefore, businesses are striving towards enhancing the quality of images used with their content digitally by opting for Digital Photo Enhancing Techniques. Photo Clipping is used to enhance photographs for Online Stores, Magazines, Pamphlets, Brochures, and Businesses dealing in Fashion, and Lifestyle.

Reduces Visible Defects of Photos

Photo Clipping is used to isolate any part of an image necessary which works on the closed vector path or outline of a photograph. Thereafter, it changes the appearance of the photograph by highlighting the wanted portion and hiding the unwanted part of it. In this way, it is used to hide or remove all the visible defects or unwanted parts to the photos to make it look attractive and appealing. Our experienced and skilled image clipping team provides simple, complex, and multi-clipping services to remove unwanted backgrounds and give a uniform look to a set of images.

eCommerce Photo Clipping Services eCommerce Photo Clipping Services

Flawless Images Processing

Image Clipping Techniques

Image Clipping Techniques to aid in highlighting the Product or Service that you are offering to the Consumers that will Turn Lure in more Potential Customers to your Business.

Magic Wand & Quick Selecton

Quick Selection Tools

With the Quick Selection tool, Subject or Object can be selected in a single click. The Quick Selection contains separate tools with separate features that are to be noted as Quick Selection and Magic Wind. Both Versions can be utilized as per the discourse. By using Quick Selection tools, tremendous time saving is assured.

  • Quick Selection: Click and Drag over an area you want to Select. This tool automatically selects the area with similar Tones until it finds the image edges.
  • Magic Wind: The Magic Wand Tool is a quick and easy way to select and mask certain portions of an image, giving the ability to change one part of the image while leaving other parts intact.
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Quick Selection Tools

Polygonal Lasso & Magnetic Lasso

Lasso Group Tools

Make Freeform Selection using the Lasso Group of tools that operates on the active layer of an image. It helps in drawing a freeform border around a selected subject or object within an image. It enables you to soften the edges of the selection or add a feathering effect; it's also helpful for anti-aliasing.
Photoshop offers three Lasso tools: the Lasso tool itself (also called as Regular Lasso tool), the Polygonal Lasso tool, and the Magnetic Lasso tool. Each of the Lasso tools has its own special purpose in the realm of freeform selections.

  • Regular Lasso Tool: It operates on an active layer of an image and draws a freeform border around a selected subject or object within an image.
  • Polygonal Lasso Tool: The Polygonal Lasso tool is used for drawing the straight-edged fragments of an image.
  • Magnetic Lasso Tool: The Magnetic Lasso Tool automatically selects the pixels around the image edges.
Lasso Group Tools

Foreground Color Change

Color Separation Technique

In the Color Separation technique, adjustment of colors is done so as to make the Object Color different from the actual background. After that Quick Selection Tool is used for selecting the Foreground. It has to be assured that accuracy has peeked high in Color Adjustment for making the process highly effective. The whole steps are carried out with the Least Effort and within Minimum Time.

  • Identify and Select the Layer
  • Apply the Filters and Channels to distinguish the Foreground from Background
  • Select the Object/Subject using Quick Selection Tool
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Color Separation Technique Color Separation Technique

Engage the Audience with Stunning & Enhanced Photos

Our Professional Image Clipping Services

Our Professional Photo Clipping Services includes Clipping Path Services, Photo Cut Out Services, and PhotoShop Clipping Services. We can also Provide Custom Photo Clipping Services as per your Requirements and Instructions.

Clipping Path Services

Clipping Path Services

Give Your Brand an Authentic and Trustworthy Look with our Precise Clipping Path Services

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Photo Cutout Services

Manipulate the Images for a purpose to draw the attention with our Photo Cutout Services

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Photoshop Clipping Services

Get Natural and Quality Curves impeccable to details with our Photoshop Clipping Services

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Cost Effective, Time Bound Solutions

All Photo Clipping Services Under An Umbrella

Enter or Catch the Valuable Buyers with Eye-Catching Images with our state of art Domain Knowledge, Sophisticated Tools, and Efficient Human Resources.

Photo Clipping Services

Our Photo Clipping Services Benefits

Photo Clipping Services are used for cropping the intended section of the image to portray it in the most engaging and attractive way to entice viewers. After creating clipping paths in the graphics program, it is exported along with the picture in the form of an alpha channel or an embedded path. It can be drawn directly in the page layout application as well. Additionally, Photo Clipping Services will aid in highlighting the product or service that you are offering to the consumers that will in turn lure in more potential customers to your business.

  • Skilled Professional Photo Editors: Our well trained & skilled workforce ensure high-quality standards that meet the global requirement. Our photo editors have expertise in the latest image editing software including Adobe Photoshop CS6, Adobe Photoshop CC, and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.
  • High-Quality Services: We have defined the hierarchical quality check perspective for analyzation of processed images. All edited images meet an accuracy level of more than 98%.
  • Data Security: We work on our company ethos "Your Privacy Our Priority". We maintain a high level of secrecy while dealing with photo editing business.
  • Quick Turnaround: Our team is well-trained and is capable of editing a large number of photos within a short time.

Enhance Your Productivity by Outsourcing Image Clipping Services

Outsourcing Image Clipping Services can help you minimize your operational costs, save a lot of time and effort. We offer reliable and quality eCommerce Photo Clipping Services that will instantly bring a professional touch to your images. We have the resources and the capability to handle large volumes of work without compromising on quality. Apart from eCommerce Companies, we cater to all the inquiries from Fashion Companies, Wedding Planners, Photo Studios, Magazines, Real Estate Companies, Tourism Companies, Automobile Companies, etc. to get benefits from our Image Clipping Services.

  • Transfer the foundational aspect of image editing to a low cost, high production center
  • Ensure the photographers, visualizers, art directors and senior editors at your end spend time for more value-added design services
  • Increase the number of services in your portfolio by outsourcing photo clipping services
  • Engage an operational partner who will customize a delivery plan, and help to expand your business while ensuring resource crunch does not stop your new business acquisition
Outsource Image Clipping Services

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Why Choose our Photo Clipping Services?

Because we are committed to helping our clients from different verticals to achieve their goals, providing innovative solutions, and personalizing their experiences to make a difference.

Photo Clipping Services

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Our Photo Clipping Services Process

We have the expertise to work with clients from different backgrounds and verticals.

Transfer Raw Images

Send Raw Images to us using Email, Dropbox, We Transfer, or FTP

Define and Document the Editing Instructions as per Client Consultation

Work Instructions
Sort & Allocate

Images Sorted to the Editors with Samples and Copies of Instructions

Photo Editors ensure the Right Attention to Detail and Processing Time

Photo Clipping
Check Quality

Bulk Images moved to the QC bench for Hierarchical Quality Check

Final Processed Images uploaded in the Client's preferred format for review

Transfer Final Images


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